NASW Risk Retention Group Rated Excellent in Financial Strength


Who We Are

What is the NASW Risk Retention Group?

The NASW Risk Retention Group, Inc. (RRG) is a captive insurance company established to provide liability insurance for a specific group of policyholders who share a common interest, such as members of a professional association. The RRG offers a better way to benefit NASW Members.

The RRG exists to serve the policyholders and its specific structure gives policyholders significantly more control than it previously had over the professional liability insurance program. It improves ASI’s ability to make policy changes and enhancements to benefit NASW members. Allows ASI to participate in claims decisions and offers the potential for premium credits in future years when the RRG is well established and program experience is good.

The RRG structure is more efficient and allows ASI to be more responsive to NASW members, respond to the marketplace, and stay competitive with other programs. Under the RRG structure, ASI can quickly implement a program enhancement. With professional liability insurance being a top benefit of NASW membership, a more flexible, responsive structure is in the interests of NASW, ASI, and our NASW members.

Rated Excellent in Financial Strength

In 2018, the NASW Risk Retention Group has, once again, been rated among the highest in the nation by A.M. Best Company. An ‘Excellent’ Financial Strength Rating by the A.M. Best Company is extremely important in many ways. It confirms that the NASW Risk Retention Group is a growing, stable, and financially solid company that exemplifies our commitment to high quality, customized products. It is the premier insurance company for social workers as the products are uniquely designed specifically for the profession.

The NASW Risk Retention Group is not like any other insurance company, no one else offers a suite of products overseen by a Board of Directors which includes social workers. Read more about “NASW RRG Rated Among the Highest in the Nation”.