What are the benefits of NASW RRG to members?

The NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Program is exclusively designed for the benefit of its policyholders – NASW insureds, and the benefits to members are many:

  • The program is overseen by the NASW RRG Board of Directors, comprised of social workers and association insurance experts with members’ needs in mind. Instead of working on behalf of corporate shareholders, NASW Assurance Services works to serve you and the social work community. They manage the program to keep costs and premiums low and to ensure that members receive excellent, caring customer service.
  • The finances and operations of our NASW-Endorsed Program are fully transparent. Unlike many insurance companies that focus on creating profits for corporate shareholders, our goals are to control costs, keep premiums low, pay program expenses and then reinvest resources generated by the RRG in the program and its policyholders, in NASW members and to advance the social work profession.
  • As an insurance company owned by its policyholders and regulated by the District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking, the NASW RRG will not invest in risky business ventures which created serious financial difficulties for other insurance companies during the recent financial crisis.
  • This kind of insurance company will enable NASW and NASW Assurance Services to have much greater control and flexibility over how the professional liability program is structured. Policyholders can enjoy quick improvements to the professional liability program; for example, we will no longer have to file program changes in all 50 states for approval.
  • And perhaps most importantly, only members participating in the NASW-Endorsed Program will continue to receive the support and advocacy on behalf of members should they be unfairly denied coverage or renewal.

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